The most difficult part of writing a travel journal is coming up with the beginning.1

Welcome to our little Genshin Impact travel journal — this is where we (Jillian & Laura) have started keeping track of all our haphazard notes and thoughts about Genshin lore. If none of it makes any sense at all, that’s fine. It’s not a Wiki, it’s not meant to be perfect or comprehensive, and it’s very much a constant work in progress.


Genshin Impact lore is really cool & interesting — there are so many themes, so many motifs, so many references. It’s hard to keep it all straight without feeling a little nuts. We’ve been sending incomprehensible Discord messages to each other about it all for a long time, and we wanted to start keeping better track of it all in a way that’s both easy to edit & easy to share.

Where to start

If you’re on desktop, you might see a handy little “Explorer” in the left sidebar, where you can browse posts by category. You can also just start searching for anything you’re interested in, and some pages will probably come up. Or you can just check out our most recent posts:

FileRecently updated
Natlan cast namesJuly 12, 2024
The Little Witch and the Undying FireJuly 12, 2024
The Pale Princess and the Six PygmiesJuly 12, 2024
Childe HaroldJune 04, 2024
Childe RowlandJune 04, 2024
ParsifalJune 04, 2024
MemoriesJune 04, 2024
MoonJune 04, 2024
SunJune 04, 2024
Archon Quest foreshadowingJune 04, 2024
Lynette’s hangout is about PierroJune 04, 2024
There are three sunsJune 04, 2024
The Feline FirmJune 04, 2024
Hex & HoundJune 04, 2024
Fertilizer ImpactJune 03, 2024
The Boar PrincessJune 03, 2024
Itto & PaimonJune 01, 2024
Phanes & Nibelung are partnersJune 01, 2024
Childe & ParsifalMay 31, 2024
Childe’s many namesMay 31, 2024
Ajax might be the third descenderMay 31, 2024


  1. Travel Notes: Catch the Wind