Volume I

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. This is part one, which tells the story of the Land of Night and the Moonlight Forest.

In the distant past, the Night Mother ruled over the faraway Land of Night. Here, no light touched the earth, nor did a single tree grow, and there was no life here but the horrendous denizens of the dark.

The Night Mother was the source of all sins, and the Land of Night was the embodiment of her evilness. The cruel Night Mother, who had neither heart nor mouth, was always watching the Land of Night, and her punishments were always unexpected. The only thing she could not bear was the occasional ray of moonlight that made it through the clouds. The light that penetrated the walls of darkness always irritated her.


”Neither heart nor mouth”… tf does that mean


i wonder if a mother being “the sources of all sins” literally means she is the mother of the sinner. maybe even many sinners.


OK WELL. Knowing what we know past 4.7. That could track. But if there are 5 sinners in Khaenr’iah, would she be mother to all 5? Are they all siblings? Dainsleif only mentioned Vedrfolnir as his brother. They could also just be half-siblings. It could also, I guess, be a more… symbolic kind of “Mother”?

The Moonlight Forest was the only place free from the rule of the Night Mother. Only there could the people bask in the bright moonlight and enjoy the grace it brought to the living. Everyone in the Kingdom of the Moonlight Forest was born with fair skin, light-colored hair, and bright blue eyes. Perhaps the constant lack of sunlight and the nourishment of the moonlight was the reason for their beauty, giving them an appearance different from the abhorrent creatures lurking at the edge of the forest.


Ok so obviously it feels like Land of Night = abyss here. Moonlight Forest can be a number of things tbh, but the easiest stand-in (and the popular theory, I think?) is Khaenri’ah, especially since this book was something an abyss mage was hiding and said was holding a “secret” of the Abyss Order’s.

The only reason I’m not entirely convinced is that the description of “fair skin” and “light-colored hair” is giving me more Seelies and their whole vibes, especially since we know that not all Khaenri’ahns actually for-real have fair skin and light-colored hair, but they could just be using this as an oversimplified way to indicate there being a different sort of “race” here and I could just be overthinking it. Or maybe this just could fit for both. Bc like, I guess it does. Time is cyclical. Etc etc.

edit (post 4.7 aq)

Ok, well, after 4.7 the Moonlight Forest now extra feels like the Seelie Kingdom to me, especially now that we know that in the Pale Princess and Light Princess’ journey they arrive at the “Kingdom of Pygmies”, which must be Khaenri’ah (or Humans?). But are they in the Dark Sea already? Is the “Land of Night” the Abyss? Is it Teyvat? Or is “The Kingdom of Light” at the other side of the moon “Teyvat”? So many questions…


light colored hair and blue eyes reminds me of magdalene from Hex & Hound. also dainsleif, i guess. and kiana kaslana when she has blue eyes — she’s not blonde though, like the other two.

Volume II

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. This installment tells of the meeting of the Pale Princess and the Light Prince.

The monarch of this kingdom was a beautiful princess with skin as white as snow. Just like the moon, she had the brightest skin, the purest eyes, and the kindest soul. People of the kingdom all vowed their loyalty to her and referred to her as The Pale Princess.


Genshin tell me some Beautiful Pale Monarch with light-colored hair and skin white as snow has some variation of a “kind” or “gentle” soul One More Time i triple dog dare you

The Pale Princess ruled her kingdom with kindness and gentleness. She always knew what was best for her people. Under her rule, the people of the Moonlight Forest never knew the threat of the Night Mother’s wrath, and the creatures lurking in the dark never dared to set foot in the forest.

However, the Princess had her own troubles. To her, the silvery moon hanging in the night sky seemed like a tiny hole through which the light could pass, and she felt that by following the light back to its source one could almost see the world on the other side. Just like all other people, the Pale Princess would often sit on the stone plate in front of the palace, imagining a world beyond the moonlight.

”Will I be able to bring my people there one day?” The Princess thought to herself.


I always found this part so interesting— “The silvery moon hanging in the night sky seemed like a tiny hole through which the light could pass, and she felt that by following the light back to its source one could almost see the world on the other side.” Doesn’t that kind of sound like a hole in a cave or something shining light into it?

”You will.”

She had not expected to hear an answer.

The Princess turned and saw a young prince.

Volume III

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. This installment tells of the Pale Princess and the Light Prince’s decision to save the Moonlight Forest.

”I am the Prince of the Kingdom of Light from the other side of the world,” the prince said to the shocked Princess.

The Prince shone with an extraordinary light. The people of the Moonlight Forest had never seen such vitality. For as the Prince strolled through the forest, life flourished around him: new leaves sprouted and the Princess and her people grew stronger.

He had come to save them. He would eventually save her from the darkness and take her to a kingdom free from all shadows. Although the Prince didn’t say it explicitly, the Pale Princess had sensed the possibility of his arrival through her years of meditation.


Wahhhhhhh what is it with princesses with (admittedly in this case somewhat vague) prophetic gifts befriending outlanders what feels like mere moments before their nations’ fall? The outlanders always seem to promise some kind of salvation, but are they really just heralding its ruin…


I’M SAYING. it all goes back to sal vindagnyr, every time.

So, she asked.

”What’s the world like on the other side of the moon?”

The Prince had already told her about the Kingdom of Light hundreds of times before, but at that moment, the Prince realized that she was determined to find out for herself.

So, having sworn to save her people, the Princess and the Prince left the Moonlight Forest and walked hand in hand into the dark forest of the Land of Night.

Volume IV

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. Installment four describes the meeting between the Pale Princess, the Light Prince, and the Six Pygmies.

Having slogged across the swamp blazing with dark flames and passed the cave overgrown with poisonous mushrooms, the Prince and the Princess finally arrived at the Kingdom of Pygmies.


Okay in retrospect this feels kind of obvious but I hadn’t thought about how “swamp blazing with dark flames” and “cave overgrown with poisonous mushrooms” could 100% be describing Natlan and Sumeru, which would make sense if they are then arriving at the “Kingdom of Pygmies” aka Khaenri’ah. This would also imply that these places/Teyvat is part of the Land of Night, on their way to “the other side of the world” to the Kingdom of Light.

Also, btw, just because the whole Nephilim/giants thing from The Little Witch and the Undying Fire is on my mind… I actually feel like the “pygmy” thing might indeed be a reference to the relative size of humans to seelies? Like. The depiction of these old celestial guides (probably seelies) in murals throughout Teyvat showed them as, like. HUGE…

“Princess of the Moonlight Forest, please save my five brothers. We will vow our loyalty to you in return for your kindness,” begged a deformed pygmy who had just popped up from behind the branches.


So if deformed pygmy = Dain are the 5 sinners of Khaenri’ah Dain’s siblings or nah.

The kind Princess, sympathizing with the pygmies, promised to help them.
They climbed up the dark mountains and saved the pygmy on the ridge, who was blind.

”Oh, silly me. I climbed all the way up here to try and get a better view.” The blind pygmy apologized profusely.

They dragged another pygmy out of the muddy wetland. This one was a fool.
”Hehehe.” The foolish pygmy thanked the Princess.

They walked into the cave where the Nightgaunt resides and saved another pygmy, who was timid, from the top of a stalactite.

”Not… not to brag, but I… I came here to have a fierce fight with the Night Mother’s minions!” The timid pygmy explained.

They set foot on a barren field and found a shrunken pygmy in the quicksand.
”I wanted to see my garden but somehow got lost.” Rubbing his withered palms, the shrunken pygmy grinned.

They snuck into the nest of shadows and rescued a carefree pygmy from the clutches of carnivorous mushrooms.

”I was out for a walk and somehow got trapped here.” the carefree pygmy sighed.
One by one, the Princess and the Prince saved the deformed pygmy’s five brothers. The kind Princess said to them:

“Now that you are all my people, please let me take you to the Kingdom of Light. It’s a place that can bring sight to the blind, wisdom to the foolish, courage to the timid, and reinvigoration to the shrunken. As a princess, this is my gesture of gratitude to you.”

On hearing this, the pygmies were elated. To show their gratitude, they went along on the journey to serve the Prince and the Princess.


I still can’t decide if I like the Archons as the Pygmies? There’s the theory that the pale princess = Tsaritsa and that’s why there’s six. There’s also the possibility that Focalors destroying her archon seat etc etc. Idk. Who the pygmies are is honestly what I have the least thoughts on.

But. I absolutely have to bring up Ballad of the Fjords story: “He and Snegurochka once fell in love, yet lost each other due to the wicked tricks of the changelings — a truly tragic tale.” Pygmies = changelings????? Yay, nay??? Am I insane?????????????? Especially since I highkey think the Prince of Light = Third Descender and I lower-key think third descender might = Ajax.


addendum post 4.7 aq


OK OK OK. Anyway. I’ve already edited and added a good number of notes before this one saying that the pygmies are the 5 sinners of Khaenri’ah + Dain but here is where I really unfurl my scrolls.

First of all: kind of fascinating that Dain himself is not a “Sinner”—I kind of don’t trust that he’s not, at least by definition if not by title. Even from the events of this book alone we can kind of see that he is just as guilty of taking part in the events that lead to the Sinners dividing among themselves a “power that could destroy the world.” Is he implying that he did not take a piece of that pie??? Or did he just feel guilty after? Like, can he even reverse such a decision after it is taken? Unless it is a physical object that holds said power that can destroy the world physically outside of himself, which he can simply choose not to wield… such as… say… a ring…

On the topic of the title of “Sinner”—was the title something that was given to post-cataclysm? Because although Dain seemed to really speak of himself in a very separated way from the five sinners, he still said “the six of us, together… were supposed to have been the ones to prevent the disaster, the ones to stop the Vinster King from continuing to rock the foundation of the world,” so you’d think all six of them were, like. A Unit. somehow.

Anyway. Here’s my take on who is who:

  • Deformed Pygmy is, of course, Dain.
  • ”The Wise” Hroptatyr = the foolish pygmy
  • ”The Visionary” Verdrfolnir = the blind pygmy
  • ”Racher of Solnari” Rerir = the timid pygmy
  • ”Gold” Rhinedottir = the shrunken pygmy
  • ”The Foul” Surtalogi = the carefree pygmy


i honestly have no idea, but i will say that i don’t think it makes much sense for venti and zhongli to be pygmies saved by the tsaritsa unless there is some truly bonkers shit going on with her. but putting that aside, i do think portraying the archons as secretly corrupt is neat and i wouldn’t be surprised by it. AND having six of them instead of the usual seven dwarves is really pointed.

ballad of the fjords is compelling tho for sure — if that’s true then the pygmies obviously can’t be the archons, since the archons were not archon-ing while the third descender was still alive.

other guesses i’ve had for the prince of light that i don’t really think are accurate now: second crowned heir from the gnostic chorus, dainsleif, unnamed prince of khaenri’ah.

Volume V

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. In this installment, the Six Pygmies’ sinister scheme starts to unfold.

On the surface, the six pygmies were true to the Princess and Prince, and followed them everywhere. But they were still heinous creatures from the Land of Night, and corruption flowed in their veins. As the days traveling to the Kingdom of Light grew long and dangerous, the root of evil would again blossom in their hearts.

Fear gave root to malice, and out of malice grew evil scheming. The six pygmies started to devise their nasty plot.

The blind pygmy opened his sightless eyes and enjoyed the sunlight greedily.
”Why not keep the Prince with us forever? Instead of believing in unfathomable promises, securing the sunlight before us is our best bet.”

The foolish pygmy gently patted his scabies-ridden head and gulped the light-filled air rapaciously.

”Hehehe, I… I think we should kidnap the Prince and use… use him to make us smarter. That’s the smart way!"


"Use him to make us smarter” Like how the corpse of the third descender was used to make the gnosis aka knowledge. Like… i’m cooking…

edit (post 4.7 aq)

Tbh yknow what. I still like the 3rd descender theory. Like. I know the timeline makes no logical sense but like let’s be honest. What about Teyvat’s timeline makes sense. I think there’s a reason Skirk was the one to tell us about the third descender thing. Like maybe the sinners didn’t use his body, because Dainsleif literally threw his body into a fucking tree hole. They used… something else…


okay yeah that does check out. the prince of light being the third descender makes a lot of sense — now i just wonder how he got here, and why he came.

The timid pygmy swung his tiny fists in the air and yelled.

”All that rascal did was save our lives and now he acts so condescendingly, treating us like servants. I shall challenge him to a duel!”

The shrunken pygmy squinted in disdain. His complexion wrinkled up like a piece of crumpled paper.

”Brothers, you have been hiding in the shadows for too long. The darkness has clouded your judgment. It is new life that we need in order to survive. I say we use the corpse of the Prince as fertilizer so my garden might flourish again.”


Fertilizer Impact

The carefree pygmy sighed and looked sullen.

”We’d better get this over with quickly… If it weren’t for them, these evil thoughts wouldn’t have entered my mind, and I wouldn’t have become so somber.”

There was one pygmy who did not join the discussion. This is not because he was not evil, but because the guilt of betraying his savior overcame his wicked nature enough to make him keep his mouth shut. He couldn’t even say a single word.


Like I just dont know why this pygmy gives me Dain vibes lmao. Like. Ok. The timeline is incredibly wack and if this is indeed the third descender there is literally no way it can be Dain but do you get what I mean. “Pygmies” also just has such dwarf energy.

edit (post 4.7 aq)

It was. (:


it’s the guilt. yeah, i can definitely see how this one gives dainsleif vibes.

Nevertheless, the guilt could not completely suppress his corrupt nature and the pygmies all agreed to the scheme. They decided to poison the Prince’s water.


poisoning the water goes hand-in-hand with Fertilizer Impact btw

Volume VI

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. This installment tells of how the Six Pygmies managed to implement their nefarious plot.

At that moment, the Pale Princess was in a deep slumber and had not an inkling of how the pygmies had played her and her lover for fools. Under the cover of the night sky, the six pygmies made their first move.

The poison had sent the Prince into a coma as the Pale Princess slept. The six pygmies’ scheme started to unfold.

In her sleep, the Princess had no idea how the Prince was being tortured. In her dream, her lover’s body glowed with luminous colors and light scattered gently like satin. The sweet sunlight finally broke through the dark clouds and sprinkled on the living. The orange glow of the setting sun painted a layer of caramel on the blue lake, making the water as sweet as nectar. New colors were painted on the black hills and the ruined city was turned into a candy castle. However, when the Princess called the Prince by name, all she heard in reply were indistinguishable words.


could the teyvat we know be in a dream? and the ruined version is the real version?

edit: i wrote that note so long ago — way before the book of revealing and all that. hilarious.

The poor Princess had no idea that the Prince could no longer respond to her calling.

Lightning flashed and thunder echoed in the silent night sky. The six pygmies carried out their scheme successfully. To celebrate, they set up a huge pot and cooked a pot of thick soup with moss and poisonous mushrooms. But just as the culprits were enjoying their feast, the Prince’s broken soul used up all its remaining power to curse the pygmies. For the rest of their lives, they were tormented by a curse that made them feel as if they were being cooked in a huge cooking pot, unable to ever see the light of day again.


yeah that curse sounds about right


Skirk RE: when she tells us about the third descender and how the gnoses is literally his corpse and how they’re all cursed: “Once a person dies, the bonds he once had with this world shall all turn to curses”

However, during the celebration, one of the pygmies wrapped the Prince in the dirty tablecloth, intent on carrying him back to the dark forest to seek help from the Princess, hoping to wake him up. No one knows if this was out of a lingering sense of loyalty to the Princess, or simply born of his fear of the curse.


this is where i start getting really confused about the prince of light being the third descender — we have conflicting ideas about the gnoses being his literal corpse vs being parts of his broken soul, and the gnoses being created after his death by the first + second descenders vs him being a willing participant and putting this curse on them.


Yeah this is soooo weird. So, like. It sounds almost like the Sinners were able to take parts of his? Soul? I guess? Like they did successfully break that apart. That is what cursed the sinners. I wonder if it’s the descender’s will they’re talking about here. Like, were they able to separate it from its body? Would his body still have a sufficient amount of power that Phanes/Second Descender can then use that to create the Gnoses as a way to suppress the “original order” of the world? Maybe that’s why they needed to use the Descender’s corpse as an almost vessel for the sovereigns’ authority…? Like—the descenders’ corpse itself was missing its own will/soul/authority?

Volume VII

A fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. The final installment brings everything to a conclusion, and includes the Night Mother’s prophecy.

This pygmy spirited the Prince’s body away from his wicked brethren, plunging into the damp bushes. Following animal tracks, he searched for the Fountain of Purity where the Pale Princess slept.

What the pygmy didn’t know is that the vicious Night Mother had already found the Princess. She followed the pygmy stealthily, like a wild cat stalking its prey, her shadowy figure blotting out the moonlight and starlight.

When the pygmy arrived, the Princess was already gone. The sorrowful howl of a night owl was heard as the Night Mother arose from the now-corrupt fountain.

”Pitiful creature, are you here to see your master?” The vile smirk of the Night Mother exuded the breath of the abyss.

”If so, I’m afraid all you will find here is despair, you sad little thing."

"That foolish princess is now in chains. I destroyed the Moonlight Kingdom and cursed her people before her eyes. They will be in an undead state, lingering at the point between life and death forevermore. No soul and no moonlight.” The words of the Night Mother landed like cold raindrops on a forgotten tomb.


that does sorta sound like what’s happening in teyvat — or even just to the people of khaenri’ah.


Also just sounds like 100% what happened to the Seelies, right? But like. What does the Night Mother want with the Princess anyway lol

”Look at you, you poor pygmy. I wonder what your master will think when she finds out what you have done.”

Fear crawled through the pygmy’s veins and grabbed his feeble heart.

The Night Mother left the pygmy to wallow in grief. But first — whether out of some hitherto unknown sense of pity, or simply to see him suffer more, we shall never know — the Night Mother left a glimpse of hope for the wretched pygmy.

”In thousands of years time, my greatest foe will descend. He wields a sword that heralds the dawn and wears armor that can reflect the shining sunlight. He shall destroy my kingdom and bring the Prince back to life. The Princess will then be free from her eternal torment. Until then, I fear not a single soul in the Land of Night, for nothing will bring an end to my kingdom except for the catastrophe foretold by the prophecy. As for you, the treacherous slave that poisoned his master… fate shall see that you get what you deserve.”


much to think about here!

prophecy aside, this pygmy is actually starting to remind me of paimon, and the theory that she’s been trying to mislead and distract the traveler this whole time to prevent them from leaving.

The Night Mother then collapsed and became a pile of sludge consisting of mud and worms.

Devastated, the pygmy wandered around in sorrow and regret. He hid the body in a tree hole and walked off alone into the night, and into a self-imposed exile.


He put the Prince’s body in a tree hole lmao… and like! Ok! The self-imposed exile again just makes me continue to give me Dain vibes… Idk.