The moon represents illusions and lies.

Kimiya: Okay, one moment… Hmm… It’s the Moon.

Paimon: Paimon wants to take a look too… Is it…? It looks more like a pie that Paimon bit into.

Kimiya: Hmm… Generally speaking, the Moon signifies… It means… Wait a moment…

Paimon: Is he really looking it up in a book…

Kimiya: Oh, I remember now. It means illusions and lies.

Dunyarzad: Illusions and lies…? That sounds rather ominous…

Kimiya: Yes, but this book says that if you trust your intuition and overcome your fears, the sun will surely rise.

Paimon: He’s not even trying to hide his book anymore.

Dunyarzad: …Naturally, fate will only ever show you the beginning of a journey. It is up to you to forge your own ending. Hehe, thank you so much. I’ll keep that in mind. [^1]

Paimon: If we’re lab rats, then what are you? Nahida, you’ve never told us anything about yourself…

Nahida: Hmm… I guess I’m the Moon.

Paimon: The Moon? Wasn’t that the result of our divination? [^2]

[^1] The Coming of the Sabzeruz Festival

[^2] The Samsara of the Sabzeruz Festival